Marketing Systems

How Low Gravity Solutions got started

Full-Service Digital Marketing Systems for Small Business and Entrepreneurs

David Sandel started Low Gravity Solutions in 2014 because there was a huge gap in most marketing systems being used by entrepreneurs and small business owners (if they were using any at all). And there still is.

Connected Marketing Systems

Entrepreneurs are so busy and so focused on their business (as they should be), they have a habit of developing marketing systems in a panic and in silos instead of an interconnected web. They don’t have enough time to learn every single marketing avenue, how to optimize them, track each of their performance, and certainly much less time to do this across their entire digital footprint.

Email only focused on email. Social media only talked about social media. And the website was doing whatever it wanted.

But these things all need to talk to each other. They need to tell each other who is talking to who and what the users are doing across their entire digital reach.

This is what Low Gravity Solutions does. We save your time and handle your problems for you.

The Marketing Web

Our​ systems spread across very single marketing channel that interfaces with your customers and visitors and talk to each other. They are so integrated and interconnected, they automatically trigger new events in other functions based on your users actions and engagement. And moreover, it’s all tracked, tested, and refined month after month.

This is the marketing systems web.

It’s not only how you catch new customers, but how you keep the existing ones coming back for more.

We handle all things digital so that you can focus on running your company:

  • Direct email marketing
  • e-Commerce marketing
  • Google discoverability (SEO)
  • Google AdWords & Facebook Ads
  • Social media marketing & management
  • Web design, integration, & UX
  • Copywriting, ideal client avatars, voice
  • Conversion tracking and analytics
  • Brand management
  • Affiliate network implementation and management
  • And much more…

Not every business and entrepreneur needs every single system. We’ll help you decide where to start, and scale your business as large as you want to make it.