David Sandel

Owner, Low Gravity Solutions

Some people think I’m weird.

Others say I’m aspirational.

I quit my job as an electrical engineer making $90,000 a year in 2015 so I could live in a van, travel the world, and create a life worth living. Now I manage my team of marketing and content experts from the foothills of the Pyrenees Mountains in Spain.

So I guess you could say I’m somewhere in between.

I’m an expert in the modern digital world, but I belong in a cleaner, more sanitary version of the Bronze Age. I believe in preserving and restoring our natural world while living with the lowest possible impact to the planet.

And I believe modern technology allows us to do that better than ever before if you know how to use it correctly and ethically.

I became an engineer because I solve problems and improve systems.

I started rock climbing because each route is a puzzle in human movement.

Whether you have a problem or a puzzle, my insomnia will keep me awake until Low Gravity Solutions solves it for you.

Are you ready to stop wasting time? Are you ready to admit it would just be faster to have someone else do it for you?

Contact me now for your free 30-minute business consultation.

David Sandel, Founder

David Sandel, Founder

Low Gravity Solutions

Low Gravity Solutions is a full service marketing agency specializing in growing your small business and solving your entrepreneurial problems. You don't have time to do everything, so let us do it for you.