David Sandel

Owner, Low Gravity Solutions

On the surface, I’m not for everyone.

I’m a little bit weird. I’m a little bit odd. And I don’t add a lot of fluff to what I say.

I also live in a van because I’d rather travel the world and live experiences than climb the corporate ladder.

I’m a Millennial. A member of Generation Y. You know, the lazy, entitled generation?

This is how lazy and entitled I am:

  • Graduated with a B.S. degree in Electrical Engineering
  • Played college football while maintaining a 3.0 GPA and having a fun social life
  • Bought and sold two investment properties with no help of friends or family
  • Dug myself out of $50k in debt with no help of friends or family
  • Pursued and achieved the only personal training certification that requires a college degree, the CSCS
  • Lifted near-elite level weights in powerlifting for my weight class
  • Became a professional athlete at age 30
  • Reached out and built my own brand into a business
  • Published on Huffington Post and Business Insider

Did I mention I did ALL of this by the age of 31? Did I mention I did ALL of this while maintaining corporate engineering jobs?

I’m a Millennial. A member of Generation Y. You know, the kids that grew up with technology?

We had ‘computer class’ one day a week in kindergarten. I sold my dirt bike when I was 13 so I could buy a computer with a 3.1 MHz processor. I spent countless hours in AOL chat rooms over a dial-up modem. I had a Myspace. Remember Napster? I was in college when Facebook started.

We all know of these things. We all remember them. But my generation was the one that built them.

We created these things.

You will not find a more well-rounded person to solve your digital problems.

I’m an expert of the digital world.

I became an engineer because I solve problems. It doesn’t matter what your problem or what your goal is. I’ve developed techniques to analyze a process, look at the data, and figure out what’s wrong. And I never quit. There’s always a better way.

I develop strategies and systems. I use technology to my advantage. I’m not just a guy that “plays on social media for a living.”

I am the combination of the end of Gen X, and the beginning of Gen Y. I saw real-life black and white TVs. I played outside until after the sun went down. I got bloody. I played hard. I got in trouble. I was even spanked.

I’ve led dominating sports teams and worked in cross-functional engineering teams for 10 years. But I’m also self-motivated. Nobody else forced me to deadlift 420lb. or become a professional rock climber. There were no teams. But I did it anyways.

I know quantum physics and how to design computers that fly airplanes as well as manage your brand and optimize your social media advertising for increased online sales. I can even get you back into shape if cubical life is wreaking havoc on your body.

But as I said, I’m not for everyone.

I’m not for the stuffy, corporate types. I’m not for the people afraid to take risks and always play it safe.

I’m for building your brand. I’m for making you stand out and becoming an industry leader. I’m for making you as successful as you want to be.

Are you ready for that?

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David Sandel, Founder

David Sandel, Founder

Low Gravity Solutions

Low Gravity Solutions is a full service marketing agency specializing in growing your small business and solving your entrepreneurial problems. You don't have time to do everything, so let us do it for you.