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What is Full-Service Digital Marketing ?

Digital Marketing is a big term to bite off so full-service digital marketing, might be even bigger. So big that some clients do not understand all the different components that go into a successful digital marketing strategy and campaign. While some marketing agencies will specialize in a single facet of digital marketing, Low Gravity Solutions does it all in order to build a massive, cohesive, multi-touchpoint web that drives strategy and tracks performance.

Components of Digital Marketing

The common things that most entrepreneurs and small business owners “know” they should have are:

But in reality, if you’re going have a successful online business you’ll need

  • a website
  • email marketing
  • a Google business profile
  • Social media
    • some combination of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Pinterest
  • Advertising
  • 3rd party marketing channels and complimentary websites
  • Maybe even influencer and affiliate marketing
  • And a way to track ALL of this!

It doesn’t seem that complicated at first, but let’s break down each of those components.


Digital Marketing Categories

Your website includes the following which often get taken for granted and missed for improvement possibilities:

  1. Overall design, coding, mobile optimization, and stellar UX
  2. Amazing copywriting that speaks to your target audience
  3. SEO to bring new visitors to your site
  4. Graphics
  5. Media
  6. Integration with Email, Social Media, Analytics & Tracking
  7. Also requires a content strategy and calendar to keep your customers and visitors engaged

After your website, email marketing is still the cornerstone of a successful online business. These are presumably people that have already shown interest in your business by giving you their contact information. On top of that, you have direct access to them individually. No worrying about algorithms or being at the mercy of another company. You still have complete control.

But you still need to do it right, and that includes

  1. Having an irresistable lead magnet
  2. Having automated welcome, nurturing, upsell, and follow-up emails
  3. Amazing copywriting, graphics, and media
  4. Integrated with your website and social media
  5. Analytics & Tracking and a strategy & calendar

Whether your business is completely online or has a physical location, you still want a Google Business Profile. This allows people searching for your services to find you, helps you rank higher on normal searches, and allows users to leave feedback.

Not every business needs every social media channel. In fact, it’s better to dominate just 1 than do all of them poorly. Each channel also attracts a certain clientele. You really only need to focus on the channels that your ideal customers gravatate twoards.

Nevertheless, each one still needs its own:

  1. Strategy
  2. Copywriting, graphics, and media
  3. Daily engagement and interaction
  4. Publishing calendar
  5. Analytics & Tracking

Most advertising begins on search networks like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! and continue on their partner networks. Another obvious starting point is social media. However, there are many different advertising channels and partners to explore. Once again, it depends on where your ideal customers tend to visit and still require:

  1. An in-depth knowledge of your customers
  2. Persuasive copywriting
  3. Advanced knowledge of targeting and retargeting strategies for each platform
  4. Tracking & Analytics for evaluating Return on Ad Spend and campaign updates

These channels can include standalone website like Medium, Quora, Houzz, etc., or nested inside social media or online forums like Reddit and Facebook Groups.

As all other things mentioned, each individual site/channel still require:

  1. Content and/or advertising strategy
  2. Amazing copywriting
  3. Interaction with your fans and the rest of the network
  4. Integrated with other social media, website, and email marketing

The Common Denominator

What you notice in each tab is that you need individual strategies for each (and they need to complement each other), to be intimately familiar with your ideal customer & always have them in mind, have amazing copywriting, and always, always, always have them integrated with each other with a tracking and analytics plan.

This is the full-service, interconnected, marketing web.

Rushed Systems, Poor Results

More often than not, the clients that come to Low Gravity Solutions have partial or broken systems implemented. They don’t have strategies, and they’re not sure who their target audience is or how to talk to them. Their systems are not integrated; they’re not tracked; they’re not automated.

Entrepreneurs and small business owners are always aware they need marketing so they do as best as they can, with the time that they have. But they are so busy and so focused on their business (as they should be), they don’t have enough time to learn every single marketing avenue, how to optimize them, track each of their performance, and certainly much less time to do this across their entire digital footprint.

This is what Low Gravity Solutions does. We save your time and solve your problems for you.

LGS Marketing Systems

Our​ systems spread across every marketing channel that interfaces with your customers and visitors and talk to each other. They are integrated and interconnected, which automatically trigger new events in other functions based on your users’ actions and engagement. And moreover, it’s all tracked, tested, and refined month after month.

This is not only how you reach new customers, but how you keep existing ones engaged coming back for more.

We handle all things digital so that you can focus on running your company:

  • Direct email marketing
  • e-Commerce marketing
  • Google discoverability (SEO)
  • Google AdWords & Facebook Ads
  • Social media marketing & management
  • Web design, integration, & UX
  • Copywriting, ideal client avatars, voice
  • Conversion tracking and analytics
  • Brand management
  • Affiliate network implementation and management
  • And much more…

Not every business and entrepreneur needs every single system. But they do need to be optimized and automated.

Schedule a free 30-minute phone call below, and let us do it for you.


    David Sandel, Founder

    David Sandel, Founder

    Low Gravity Solutions

    Low Gravity Solutions is a full service marketing agency specializing in growing your small business and solving your entrepreneurial problems. You don't have time to do everything, so let us do it for you.