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Help Wanted: Content Manager and Editor

Low Gravity Solutions (LGS) is a small but growing digital marketing agency and is need of a freelance Content Manager. Explicitly speaking, you will be paid as a contractor, not as a traditional employee. 

The job is 100% remote and you get to pick your hours for the most part. All I care about is being able to have 1-on-1 conversations from time to time and that your work is done on time. Pay will be based on $15-$30 per hour (based on experience), but I prefer to pay a fixed monthly price. That is, we’ll talk extensively about the client, your responsibilities and job description, and then we’ll agree to a fixed price.

We can discuss specifics during the interview and getting to know each other, but I think I can easily fill 15-20 hours of your time each month for the next 6 months, starting off. That number is not likely to decrease, and only stay the same or hopefully increase with more clients.

Long Story Short

The short and easy version of what you’ll be doing is gathering content based on a 12-month publishing calendar for our content writer and social media manager, and then proofreading/editing it before passing it on to me for the final say. That includes:

  • filling out internal blogging templates to send to our writer
  • gathering internal and external links for blog content
  • sourcing pictures from our private libraries as well as stock photo sources for blogs and social media
  • WordPress landing page layout/design
  • proofreading / editing blogs, pages, social media posts, MailChimp email content
    • Which also includes using secret 3rd party tools for analyzing copywriting Voice and Yoast for SEO mastery

Long Story Long

The detailed version looks like this, and I promise it’s not as intimidating as it might seem. I just love writing and trying to not be boring and corporate. Gross.

Must have’s:


Great teamwork, communication, and responsiveness 

  • I understand that I am probably not your only client or project, but I do expect timely responses (like, within that same day; perferrably within a couple hours). I do my best to assign work, request tasks, or send messages well in advance so nothing needs to be urgent, but I/we are still a very small and very agile agency spread across the Western Hemisphere so urgency does happen.
  • More about the team and our organization near the bottom (trust me, you’ll want to read it!)

Attention to Detail

  • How cliche, right? But it’s true. YOU are the main proofreader and editor of ALL content we post on our clients’ behalf. The writer and social media manager will be passing all of their work to you for your review before you pass it to me. The better you are at this, the less time I have to spend correcting what you missed. And the more time you can save me, the more I’m going to love you.
  • In a perfect world, I will trust you so much in your judgment of the direction and quality of the content that I won’t even need to review your work anymore. The writer(s) can just pass it to you, and you publish it for the world to see. Man, that would be awesome (for me). Please help make my dreams come true?? 🙏🏻 

A focus on our clients and self-motivated to take initiative

  • Sure, I’m the guy that’s paying you, but you also have to have our clients’ best interests in mind as well. That means always looking for ways to improve what we’re doing, new ideas, new processes, things to make THEM grow. Of course I’m looking for someone that can carry out the tasks I assign, but I’m also looking for someone that will take ownership and show a bit of initiative.

The more you know, the better your chances (but I can also train you to some extent):



  • Almost all of our clients use WordPress as a website platform. You don’t need to be a coding genius, but you do have to be quite experienced with it (bonus points if you can -and do- use code).
  • Specifically, I need someone that can build landing pages and make them pretty, including populating them with content, media, and whizbangs. Currently, our clients are using drag and drop editors like WPBakery, Divi, and Elementor, but you should be able to pick up and adapt to any WordPress theme (including non-drag and drop).
  • Double-extra bonus points if you’re familiar with high conversion landing page design. That means understanding which elements to use, when, and where in order to get the most conversions. (Yes, that is a different level of understanding than just making something look good.) 
  • Triple-extra bonus points if you’re already a whiz with MailChimp and can do some site integrations using embedded tags and/or groups. If not, that’s pretty easy to teach, but you won’t get the triple-extra bonus points right off the bat.


  • You won’t be creating or writing any of the posts (as of now, that’s someone else’s job), but you will be reviewing them and sourcing media. That means being familiar with the following interfaces:
    • Normal Business ‘Page’ and post scheduler
    • Business Manager (maybe?)
    • Ads Manager
  • You should also be very familiar with optimal media sizes and lengths depending on where things are being posted (stories vs. timeline vs. Instagram vs. videos, etc.)


  • Have you heard of it? We just don’t like typos. Which is where you come in.


  • Almost all of our clients use MailChimp, and I am a ‘MailChimp Expert.’ Like everything else, you won’t necessarily need to create the campaigns, automations, and integrations with the website, but you do need to be able to login and review/proofread/edit them.
  • Assuming you have the landing page design experience as requested above, that can also be applied to our emails.

Google AdWords

  • To begin, you just have to know how to login and proofread our ads, but it would be fan-damn-tastic if you wanted to grow into creating these ads (or maybe you already can?!?!!)

Other Tools

Internally, we also use Slack, Asana, Zoom, Loom, AirTable, the [secret] ‘Voice’ tools, and The Google (Drive, Docs, Sheets, etc.). I’m sure I’m forgetting a few more. I mean, this is the age of technology and A.I., isn’t it? Something new pops up every day it seems.

The Team and More About LGS

The Team

After filling this position, LGS will be a team of 4 (including myself). The existing 3 of us are located in the U.S., UK, and Spain and all native-English speakers. All of the clients are located in the U.S. This means working across multiple timezones.

The 3 of us have been together for over a year, and we work incredibly well with each other. Which is to say, you need to get along with all 3 of us equally in order to make this work. Especially because we’ll all be working so closely with each other. 

We all have our own defined roles and responsibilities, but we also all understand the importance of getting results for our clients and growing LGS. So, if anyone needs help or is slacking on a deadline, we tend to help each other out even if “it’s not my job.” You should have that attitude as well.

More about LGS and the person filling this role

I started LGS as a single-person freelancer 4 years ago, and have gradually grown it to the point of where it is today. The nature of contract work (for yourself AND LGS as a company) is that nothing is guaranteed. However, as I just mentioned, 3 of us have been together for over a year, and I wouldn’t bring someone else on if I didn’t think I could sustain the 4 of us for another year or beyond.

Personally, I feel like 2020 is the year LGS takes another “next step” as a business and agency, and this role will play a crucial part in that. I am not looking for a short-term project fix. I’m looking for someone that wants to continue to grow and work with LGS as long as possible, and as long as it makes sense for both parties.

You have to be ok working with an incredible array of clients. We are currently working with, or have worked with in the very recent past:

  • Yoga and Pilates instructors and studios
  • An LGBTQ webcomic
  • Home decor and Interior Designers
  • Financial and Legal Services
  • An online quilting and sewing business
  • Professional photographers
  • Health and Fitness supplement companies

As a freelancer, you might already have your own set of tools, templates, and processes in place, and if they work well, I’m happy to adopt them into our existing systems if they fit. Likewise, if you need something to make your job with LGS even easier or more efficient, I’m happy to consider whatever it might be: another tech program, more training, an actual short-term project-based subcontractor. I want to make sure your job is made as easy as possible, if possible, in order to allow you to do the best work possible. And then get the best results possible for our clients.

Also, “possible.” (Just one more time for good measure.)

How to Apply (Finally!)

Now, I said that I wrote this really long just because I like to write. Yeah, that’s true, but so is the fact that if you’ve made it this far, you’re actually interested! The ones that already dropped off? They weren’t going to be a good fit. Attention to detail is also being able to make it through all the details.

To apply, all you have to do is email me: David@LowGravitySolutions.com

Include the subject line: I like turtles, but they don’t have bellybuttons

You just have to tell me how long you’ve been freelancing, the type of clients you normally work for, your strengths and specialties, and why you think joining LGS as contractor is a good idea.

After that, nothing is required. It turns into a conversation, and we’ll end up using email, Facebook, Zoom….whatever. We’ll talk about your experience. We’ll look at your past projects. I’ll ask you some technical questions. I might ask to talk to previous clients. But, I don’t have anything set in stone. Your knowledge and skill will come out naturally, but I really want to see how we interact with each other.

We have a new contract beginning on November 1, 2019, so I’m not planning to dilly dally around in making this decision. In fact, whoever joins our team will have a huge role in developing some of the processes and defining the tools we use for this client and all clients going forward. i.e. If you’re thinking about contacting me, don’t wait!

David Sandel, Founder

David Sandel, Founder

Low Gravity Solutions

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