Use Google to track every traffic source to optimize advertising and marketing campaigns

All Eyes on Social Media

Let’s be honest, curating and creating Facebook posts, Pinterest pins, Instagram pictures, and Twitter tweets still hold the limelight for digital marketers. That’s where the glitz and the glam of our brands are displayed for all to see, as well as provide a direct link to us for our fans and customers. It’s where we highlight our relationships with other brands and influential personalities. They are the platforms people look to first while researching a company.

In addition to the celebrity of social media, the quiet workhorse of digital marketing, email marketing, continues to be the top driver of online sales, feeding our e-commerce machines.

But those things are not where you should be spending most of your time. Those things alone do not help you develop an informed online strategy. You can be an insanely creative person and great at fostering online communities, but neither of those things tell you if you’re growing sales or if your strategy is working with anything more than just a gut feeling.

GrindTV Freelance Writing Success

Shares and Likes are great, but do you actually know if generated any revenue?

So what does?

Data and Analytics.

I’ve found very few marketers that are actually collecting decent analytics. Sure, it’s possible to see how many favorites, retweets, clicks, and impressions you’re getting with native tools in Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest, but what is it that we truly care about in e-commerce?

The answer: Sales and ROI.

I’m always a little bit shocked when I hear other digital marketing specialists are not using one of the simplest and powerful analytical tools we have as marketers, especially if they don’t know where a major chunk of traffic is coming from AND it’s free. As I said, it’s flashy to create a viral social media campaign, but the works happens on the back-end, using analytics to drive your strategy.

Enter Google Analytics and Google URL Builder.

Google Analytics unknown traffic

“Direct / None” tells us absolutely nothing about how people are getting to your site.

These two tools combined ensure you know exactly where your traffic is coming from, which ads are effective, which link and image locations on pages are working, and of course, exactly how many sales and conversions are coming from these sources. Once you have a baseline understanding of your current situation, you can then use those analytics to start testing your copy, your ad placements, your link placements, and any other variable you can think of. Your only limitation to optimizing your strategy is your imagination.

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