Different Brand. Unusual Results.

Have you read my About page? I’ve been doing this awhile. I’m a product of the age of technology. I’m self-taught. And this is why that matters.

An Engineering Approach to Your Brand

As an engineer, I was taught to analyze problems from beginning to end.

What’s working? What isn’t? What factors are contributing the problem? What’s helping? Where is the root cause?

Once the overall problem has been understood, I can then start to break it down into smaller, more manageable chunks.

And what the heck does that mean for you?

It means I can understand your brand as a whole. I can understand all the moving parts, all the things you’re trying to simultaneously manage, and how they all fit together.

If one area is outperforming another, not only do you need to nurture that, but you need to find out why the other components of your strategy aren’t working as well.

You do have Strategy for Your Digital Presence, Don’t You?

Your business is your business. You provide a good or a service and people pay you for that. But what about the other stuff? What about all those other things and moving parts I mentioned above?

Do you have a strategy for your social media channels?

Have you setup email marketing?

Do you know the drawbacks and benefits between those two?

Can people find you on Google maps?

Can people find you on Google?

What kind of voice does your brand have? Is it the right voice for what you’re selling?

“What the heck is ‘voice’???”

All of these things, and more, need to be integrated into one solidified strategy across the board. I can help develop your strategy with you as well as have the technical knowledge of making it happen.

Real World Results

YAWP results

By integrating a cohesive marketing strategy across all channels: social media, email, and strategic influencers, I’ve helped small brands realize the full potential of the internet and digital marketing.

This includes the implementation, design, and back-end integration of:

  • Automated email campaigns based on user behaviors on the site
  • Automated email campaigns based on user interactions with the monthly newsletter
  • Creating and designing a monthly newsletter
  • Product review system
  • Incentivizing product reviews
  • Social media sharing of products and sales
  • Affiliate network software

And that’s still not enough. You need strategic web partners.

As a social influencer myself, I’m uniquely positioned to research potential partners and influencers as well as manage them in a way that is win-win for your brand as well as theirs. I understand what drives influencers and their audiences. If you reach out to the wrong influencer or complimentary brand, you could end up doing more harm that good. Do you know how to tell the difference?


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