Transamerican Heroes MailChimp Deposit
  1. Organize MailChimp master list with multiple groups for different purchase levels
    • Investigate what we can offer to each level. i.e. What are they getting in each level? *What* are they paying for?
    • Investigate price points
    • Integrate with website membership level and payment gateway so contacts are automatically sorted into those groups
  2. Create custom, automated welcome email for each of the groups
  3. Create upsell automation for members in the "free" group
  4. Create RSS automation that automatically emails every member of the main list every time a new comic is release
    • Investigate if we can only send to certain groups based on their membership level

Project cost: $1,000
Deposit: $250

Ongoing support and marketing services: TBD after initial project, rates and project bids based on $100/hr. Multiple options on how to work together based on budget and hands-on involvement.