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Helping 7-figure businesses recover lost sales with email & SMS marketing

(while automating the rest of their systems too)

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What is it that we do?

70% of every online shopping cart is abandoned and sales are lost. Including yours.

We implement hyper-targeted abandoned cart automations to ensure maximum conversions, recovery rate, and sales.

I spent years building the largest independent drum shop in the world, but I never had time for email marketing. In 14 months, LGS integrated and automated everything, which added an extra $526k in sales that weren’t there before.

Independent Drum Shop Owner

Our Committment to Our Clients

Treating your business as if it were our own.

I went from solely an in-person yoga teacher to having a completely online yoga platform that supports me and keeps my business growing everyday.

When I thought about creating these possibilities for myself a year and a half ago, I never would have believed that I could do it. I didn’t know half the things I needed to know, didn’t have the skills to do it, and didn’t have the time and patience to learn them. David´s work and business strategies changed everything and literally brought my dreams to reality.

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Cris Aramburo


Christa Gurka, PilatesIntheGrove.com

David stepped in as my WordPress Administrator right after a redesign from a previous company and during a time of rapid growth and rapid change due to COVID-19.

Despite not being familiar with all the details of the previous design company, he carried out every change I requested, automated some previously manual and redundant tasks, and fixed any problem we encountered fast and efficiently. I completely trusted him and knew my website was safe in his hands.

Dominik Borde


Not only is he an expert in MailChimp, he can also write copy, design websites, create his own code, develop marketing plans, and solve just about any problem there is. Finding solutions seems to excite him! And best of all, he cares about my business and wants to help make it successful. Oh and he’s funny and good-natured, which makes it fun to work with him. I’m so glad I found him!

I’ve now hired him to build a new website for another project, and have already recommended him to others. I can’t recommend David highly enough.

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M. Parr


Digital Marketing Services

It’s your job to run your business. It’s our job to grow it.

Email & SMS Marketing

Over 4 BILLION people use email every day and has an ROI of $36 for every $1 spent. Can you afford to NOT be doing it?

Click the different types of emails below to see how LGS stacks up against the industry.

(Want to see how we generated $526k in one year for one of our clients?)

Campaign Emails
Industry LGS Improvement
Open rate 20.95% 65.30% +44.35%
Click rate 2.16% 13.85% +11.69%
Revenue per contact $0.09 $0.28 +$0.19
Abandoned Cart Automation
Industry LGS Improvement
Open rate 39.71% 62.66% +22.95%
Click rate 8.36% 14.82% +6.46%
Revenue per contact $2.78 $23.43 +$20.65
Welcome Automation / Onboarding
Industry LGS Improvement
Open rate 46.48% 52.01% +5.53%
Click rate 8.03% 13.54% +5.51%
Revenue per contact $1.77 $4.32 +$2.55
Browser Abandonment
Industry LGS Improvement
Open rate 44.59% 64.75% +20.16%
Click rate 7.55% 21.06% +13.51%
Revenue per contact $0.95 $6.05 +$5.10
Post-purchase / Thank you
Industry LGS Improvement
Open rate 57.41% 67.01% +9.60%
Click rate 5.47% 10.87% +5.40%
Revenue per contact $0.31 $4.69 +$4.38

Certified Partners:

(But have worked in just about every other platform there is.)

Klaviyo Partner
MailChimp Email Marketing Expert

Marketing Operations
Fractional CMO/CTO

Led by a former aerospace engineer, LGS takes the 30,000ft. view and distills the solution all the way down to the smallest detail. We analyze, automate, and optimize your entire digital marketing strategy and technology.

Web Design, Interation, & Management

Specializing in WordPress, WooCommerce, and Shopify, but solutions for any business or need

Responsive web design
e-commerce web design

Who is LGS?

LGS is led by a former Electrical Aerospace Engineer that grew up with technology (starting with the Apple IIe), designed computers that flew aircraft, and learned complex project management from some of the biggest corporations in the world.

“Nature and adventure are good. Climate change is bad.”

You don’t have enough time to learn everything there is about
digital marketing.